Hello, I'm
Marcin Zaremski.

Not only dev.


I would say, I am not only software developer. Currently I am doing some freelance and hoping to start some entrepreneurial projects.

Let me know if only you need any help with your project/startup/application!
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At ucreate (Founder and Lightning) I have gained experience in startup environment. I was working in agile teams, building product from scratch and leading from time to time.

At G2A I have worked with much larger scale. I was developing and maintaining mainly front-end side of application.

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My Projects

Your Projects?

I do some freelance, so constantly looking for new projects. I can create a whole web app (complex online products, web services, dashboard with integrations etc.) from scratch to production release for every device.

I cooperate with recommended UI/UX designers and other programmers to develop your app better and quicker. I keep all good communication and development practices, so let's contact me below!